Honduras is a vibrant country, brimming with clear turquoise waters, pristine beaches, lush jungles, breathtaking mountains, challenging rivers, and fascinating ancient ruins. Vast expanses of mother nature are everywhere to be found. 

Whether you are exploring the Mayan ruins, diving in the Bay Islands or relaxing on the North Coast at Tela or La Ceiba, there are great places to visit and things to do. The people of Honduras are very friendly and visitors and travelers are most welcome. If you have a spirit of adventure, why not make Honduras your next vacation spot?

Ecological tours, scuba diving, river rafting, bird watching and mountain treks are some of the many vacation activities Honduras is known for.

The capital of Honduras is the city of Tegucigalpa, which serves as the governmental hub. San Pedro Sula is considered the “Industrial Capital”. The next most popular city is La Ceiba known to the locals as the “Bride of Honduras”, and to tourists as the place for Carnival.

The country of Honduras is home to people of various ancestries. The ancient Mayans left the Copan Ruins archaeological site (considered one of the most artistically advanced and detailed of all Mayan cities), where nearby the modern Maya, known as the Chortí Indians, can still be found. The Garifuna communities (known in Europe as the Black Caribs) are found on the Island of Roatan, on Cayos Cochinos (the Hog Islands), and along the costal towns of Honduras. The Miskito Indians’ most poular habitat in Honduras became famous after it was introduced in Paul Theroux’s novel, “The Mosquito Coast” which depicted the La Moskitia area. Other ethnic groups include the Lenca, Pech, Tolupan (Jicaque), and Tawahka Indians. 

Copan Ruinas is a tranquil oasis of ancient culture and sublime nature nestled in the foothills of western Honduras, just 7 miles from the Guatemala border. For years, Copán has been renowned for its magnificent Maya Ruins, a designated World Heritage Site believed by archeologists to be the cultural center, or the “Paris,” of the Maya world. The town of Copán Ruinas is a beautiful little village paved in cobblestone and lined with white adobe buildings with red-tile roofs. In addition to the world-class Maya ruins, horseback riding to Hacienda San Lucas, a visit to the tropical bird park, and special presentation by resident archaeologists are all possible at Copan.