Tiwanacu, Huatajata, Sun and Moon Island
Four Days

DAY 1: La Paz / Huatajata
Visit to Tiwanacu. This half day tour takes you to Tiwanacu en route to Huatajata. During the splendor period Tiwanacu was the largest city in the World and it is considered to be “the Cradle of the American Civilizations”. The Sun Gate, the Monoliths, the temples of Kalasasaya and Kontiki, the Akapana artificial Pyramid and their metal and ceramic art work are some examples of the advanced development achieved by this culture. Box Lunch on route
Land transportation to Huatajata. Before arriving to our Huatajata Harbour you can enjoy the most spectacular panorama of the lake, mountains and the impressive Royal Range of the Andes.
Visit the Chullpas mortuary of several periods. At the handicrafts and folkloric área, meet the Limachi Brothers, builders of the RA II and TIGRIS for Thor Heyerdhal epic expeditions; see a full size reproduction of RA II and the amous ABORA II which had one of the Limachi family on board. Admire the mud igloos of the Chipayas Pamper our llama, alpacas and shy
vicuñas. Visit the “Altiplano Museum” where a state of the art audio equipment presents in your own language our past legacy as well as the colonial and modern times. Evening introductory audiovisual and visit the “Mystic World of The Kallawayas”. The Kallawayas believed that you have first to heal the soul in order to heal the body and the current medicine is accepting this idea. Meet “Tata Benjo” and have your future told while casting his sacred coca leafs.
Overnight at Inca Utama Hotel & SPA (B/Box Lunch)

DAY 2: Huatajata / Sun & Moon Island / Huatajata
Breakfast. Board a hydrofoil and start your Lake Titicaca experience. First, visit the Urus Iruitos & Quewaya Sustainable Tourism Project. Visit their authentic island and understand the 5.000 years of history of this culture. Continué to Moon Island. Visit the “Iñak Uyu” Sun Virgins temple, where the most beautiful virgins of the Incas were conserving a sacred fire dedicated to their Gods. This temple is considered to be one of the most important ruins on the Lake. Continué cruise to Sun Island. Visit the Inca Stairways and the Sacred Fountain believed to give eternal youth and Happiness.Lunch at our Urna Kollo Arqueological Restaurant
Return to Huatajata.
Night visit to “Alajpacha”. Meet with the Aymara constellations in our Native Observatory and learn about their cosmology.
Overnight at Inca Utama Hotel & SPA (B/L)

DAY 3: Huatajata / La Paz
Breakfast. Bus transportation to La Paz followed by a half day City Tour of La Paz and Moon Valley. La Paz is known as “the City of contrast” and it is a unique blend of cultures and races. Located within breathtaking panoramas. This tour includes: Native, colonial and modern áreas, Indian Market, Open Air Museum of Tiwanacu, Witch Doctor’s Market and Moon Valley. Overnight accommodations (B)

DAY 4: La Paz
Breakfast. Day time transfer to the airport for your departing flight.