COLOMBIA – South America Best Kept Secret

Travel to Colombia where there is land of incredible beauty, excitement, charm and diversity waiting to be discovered. The country borders the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean and is located on the North-Western corner of South America. Its territory is rich in diversity from its people, cultures, regions and flora and fauna.

Colombia is distributed into five main natural regions that present its own unique characteristics. These regions are exemplified by its palm-fringed beaches lapping up the warm Caribbean Sea, its fertile green highlands of the Andes region where the famous smooth aromatic coffee is harvested under the rolling foothills of the mountains. Go west to the rugged yet tranquil coastline of the Pacific Ocean or South East to glide on vast and silent rivers of the lush and tropical rainforest of Amazonia.
With all this to offer and the assurance that Colombia is safer than ever, with the civil conflict all but eradicated.

Let us highlight the magnificence of a country waiting to be explored. From the vibrant and cosmopolitan cities of Bogotá and Medellin; the wonder and beauty of colonial Cartagena on the coast of the Caribbean; to the hotbed of Colombian salsa in Cali, this is only just a flavour and experience that this captivating country and its friendly and proud people have to offer.