ATACAMA (San Pedro de Atacama)

The challenging and quiet Desert of Atacama is considered as the driest one of the planet. Mountain ranges, volcanoes, with their eternal snow summits, mysterious geoglyphs, gigantic geysers, impressive “salares” (salt flats) with their colonies of flamingos, lagoons of intense blue color and thermal water swimming pools in the middle of magical indigenous towns. San Pedro de Atacama is considered as the archaeological capital of Chile and center of the culture of Atacama. Feel the immensity of the Salar de Atacama with the imposing view of the Licancabur volcano, the magic of the quiet Valley of the Moon at dusk, the mystery of the geysers of Tatio and the moving feeling of the Le Paige Archaeological Museum.


Border capital and, as such, it has a busy commercial and cultural interchange with Peru and Bolivia. The colonial town of Putre, the ritual village of Parinacota, the surprising Chungará lake, surrounded by snow-covered volcanoes, defined archaeological expressions like rock art located at the foots of some hills that have been declared National Monuments.