Belize is a small, tropical, exotic country in Central America located as you can see on the map just below south-east Mexico and also bordering Guatemala. Belize is the only official English-speaking country in Central America. It was a British colony for more than a century and was known as British Honduras until 1973 when they gained independence.

With only 9,000 square miles (25,000 sq. km) Belize is a very small country yet in a small area it offers visitors a huge variety of destinations and attractions. There are large areas of protected rainforest and pine forest, it boasts the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world, it has islands and white sand beaches, and some of the Maya world’s most important archaeology sites.

This small country has a tiny population of just over 300,000 people making the population density of Belize the lowest in the Central American region and one of the lowest in the world. Even though Belize has a very small population, it has an amazing mixture of cultures. The main cultures are the Maya and Garifuna people but Belize also has large communities of Chinese, Indian, Lebanese and also many different Mennonite communities.

All these elements help to make Belize a different and colorful destination for people with a wide variety of interests to enjoy.

Belize is such a diverse country offering so many different types of destinations and activities that there are probably reasons why nearly ALL your clients would enjoy a holiday here.

Often overlooked because of people’s perception that it’s only a diving destination, Belize in actual fact has many, many attributes that your clients may be looking for in a holiday destination.

The Cayo District is the largest district in Belize and could also be called the “Highlands of Belize”. It is probably the most visited of the inland areas of Belize and encompasses farmlands, rainforest and pine forest. The district encompasses the national capital of Belmopan, the tourist town of San Ignacio, Mennonite communities such as Spanish Lookout, key archaeology sites such as Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, and Caracol, major rivers such as the Macal and Mopan River, famous caves like Barton Creek, Chechem Ha and Aktun Tunichil Muknal and protected areas such as the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve and Chiquibal National Park. There is really a huge amount to do and see within this central area of Belize.